What makes us different

156130935 Eco Green Homes is a home builder that prides itself on the environment and the quality of product. Eco Green Homes is able to customise your dwelling on a standard concrete slab or steel base which can be build at the site or offsite. The modular product means Eco Green Homes are able to build your dwelling to your specifications wherever you desire. In addition the quick build times, means you are able to obtain rent or sell your vacant land with new home quickly so you are not paying unneccessary interest. Typically a standard build with conventional buildings would take minimum 12 weeks and possibly up to 20 weeks. This product allows Eco Green Homes to build a completed home painted within 10 days. The whole building structure has NO wood, so it is termite free. The whole structure is heavy and you would not know it is a kit style home. The weight of the structure completed is around 10 tonne so there is no bends or hollow sounds to indicate a kit building. The product is made from fully recycled material. Phonlic/polyvinyl chloride as adhesive, flying ash, tailing or other inorganic material as main component, mixing with wood fiber, glass fiber, fire retardant and other additives, formed by extrusitechnology. Eco Green Homes also provides full offgrid power solutions as an option to customers who want to GO GREEN ! Eco Green Homes also builds custom made coffee relocatable coffee shops. Once the business is finished simply add more walls and create a livable dwelling for rent or sale.