Eco Green Homes was established to enable customers to be able to build strong sturdy eco friendly dwellings in places often hard to get to. Since Eco Green Homes commenced the company realised there was a shortfall of builders prepared to build Granny Flat Style accomodation to a quality and finish of customers existing houses. As a result Granny Flat Designs was formedSince Eco ... Read more


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  • The dwellings are either fixed to an existing slab or built on a
  • steel frame constructed on or offsite
  • The dwellings are flame retardant and smoke prevent
  • Eco Green Homes can build a dwelling in less than 10 days

Eco Green Homes produce a strong product which is equivalent to steel, full cyclone rated, and tested and certified. Refer to attachment regarding specifications and technical data.

Eco Friendly

Sustainable Living

The panel content is made with no harm to the health of humans or animals.

The panel is fully recyclable and can be granulated back into product many years after it has been used and as a result there is no construction waste has been created.

The PPS (Portable Power Solution) has no emmissions. After 8-10 years, the only environmental issues present will be the discarding of the batteries.

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Both Eco Green Homes and Granny Flat Designs work with Solar Relief who provide offgrid power solutions via the PPS (Portable Power Supply) The PPS is effectively a electric generator that you can have inside the house. During the day the PPS is collecting energy and storing it in the batteries h...

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The PPS will run LED lights, fans, fridge, freezer, however will not run a airconditioner. Customers need to be mindful that the PPS will run the house effectively, however it will not deal well with electrical devices requiring large power